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Ren Da ups power hot investment products

Welcome the power source, electron, etc., interested in promoting the development of power industry business people join Ren Da group.

A, Ren Da ups power introduction:
Ren Da group was established in 1991, the registered capital of 100 million yuan, covers an area of 10 square meters in shenzhen baoan industrial park construction scope.Group, advanced equipment, product variety is complete, a powerful research and development capabilities, products all over the world more than 100 countries, have been among China's top production for many years, product won the domestic and foreign customers consistent high praise.

Over the years, the company has always followed "first-class service, innovation to win" spirit of enterprise, adhering to the "people-oriented, service society" business philosophy, the company continuously strengthen management ability, continuously improve product quality.

Ups power investment promotion agency,Ren Da group with your common development, to meet better tomorrow!

Second, joining Ren Da group there are eight major advantages:
1, brand advantage: has China's largest production base of UPS power supply, one of the powerful and high visibility.
2, product advantages: the variety is complete, reliable quality and reasonable price.Research and development ability strong, has a number of patents and proprietary technology.
3, interests advantage: factory price, profitable.
4, service advantages: the guest for honour, 7 x 24 hotline service, fax, E-mail, QQ, multi-channel customer problems, first asked responsibility system.
5, the advantage of opportunities: high-end industry, cloud era, everyone is interconnected, physical interconnection will need more data, also need to be more of a more stable power facilities.
6, service advantages: respectively for pre-sale service, installation and after-sales service has a strong support.Service and sales service work has obtained the customer high praise, service satisfaction rate of 100%.
7, the national unity of group, three years warranty.
8, the customer service team, strong support, after-sales service 24 hours to respond.

Three, Ren Da power investment promotion agency joining conditions:
Product series: UPS uninterruptible power supply, EPS emergency power supply, dc screen, inverter, solar photovoltaic inverter, etc.

1. The brand identity Ren Da group and related enterprise culture.
2. The electric power, electronic markets have a certain understanding of the intention to engaged in this industry, have a fixed place of business units.
3. With legal person qualification, complete company documents, operating and capital turnover is normal.
4. Familiar with ups industry characteristics, be familiar with the sales way of ups power supply, method;More than 3 years related experience in product market.
5. Has the good enterprise image and business reputation, no bad business record, have good commercial quality partner.
6. Have a good sales team and professional technical support team management system perfect, have a certain strength of sales and customer service.
7. Strictly abide by the party a's price policy and the relevant provisions of the agency agreement.

Four, application process:
1. Through Ren Da group power official website or directly contact the agent to apply for a Ren Da group.
2. Ren Da group approved by the channel manager actual investigation, discuss, negotiate cooperation.
3. Both sides communication protocol, the Ren Da group will core agent cooperation agreement with you and issue the "core distributor authorization certificate".
4. In principle, the core of the authorized agent to sign the cooperation agreement after, must appoint the technical personnel to our training and study, the inspection through, power "certified engineer certificate" issued by shenzhen Ren Da group.