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Inverter in sizing Revamp
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Renda Inverter power in sizing up any Revamp

Release date: 2015-03-05
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After sizing machine in textile spinning machine in the whole process, the loom before, the main purpose is to give the yarn sizing process. Sizing machine yarn unwinding from that actinomycetes machine without being passive pulling power traction motors, to overcome slow down, stop when the yarn slack, always be friction; then through the slurry tank dip, drying room drying, middle To go through elongation control, temperature control, the resurgence control, tension control, length control, so that the yarn has become the required temperature, humidity, and other practical elongation yarn.
First, the transformation of the hardware configuration sizing machine
Traction motor power 15KW, bearing in mind the long-term low-speed operation, the choice of the independent variable frequency motor cooling fan + rotary encoder PG, and together form a closed-loop vector converter AD550 vector control drag. Tractor has two main functions, the first is to drag the dryer, the dryer starched yarn; second, pulling two yarn ordered.
Winding motor power 22KW, bearing in mind the long-term low-speed operation at full volume, should be used independent of the cooling fan motor and inverter rotary encoder PG, and together form a special inverter AD530 tension tension open loop torque control mode. Tension open loop torque control mode does not require tension feedback, the system structure of the most simple and can get more stable tension.
Control and display section
PLC control system used as a control device. Synchronous given proportion given torque given torque compensation, start and stop signals through changes in volume when provided by the PLC. At the same time the pressure on the shaft portion of the yarn is also controlled by the PLC to improve the reliability of this section.
With graphic display terminal part, process parameters at a glance, very convenient shortcut keys.
Second, the transformation of the sizing machine hardware configuration diagram
Inverter Sizing Machine
Third, the frequency transformation advantage
After transformation, sizing apheresis high degree of automation, design control precision, strong adaptability of species that can meet a wide range of wide, thin, high density fabric sizing requirements, with a variety of shuttle and non-woven fabrics matching. Various test results show that its products meet or exceed the targets indicators import sizing machine, cloth weaving machine efficiency and significantly improved quality than before, in order to create a good economic benefits.
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