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Data center solutions for enterprise to build ups uninterruptible power supply

Release date: 2015-03-31
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Recently, large data room Ren Da ups uninterruptible power supply enterprises to adopt shenzhen integration solution, for about 200 square meters room to build a modern high efficiency, energy saving and green data center.The project is successful, further proves the shenzhen Ren Da InfraSuite scheme's leadership in the market enterprise data room.

The enterprise according to business development needs, set up a new data room.New room covers an area of about 200 square meters, will be a core part of the enterprises, the importance is self-evident.Among these, the design of the data center room infrastructure planning is the key of the construction of the project.To ensure the safety operation of the engine room equipment to a great extent, their level of comprehensive equipment room construction reference specifications for design of electronic information system room B room construction standards for design, namely the redundant system configuration, does not allow for equipment fault interrupt.In detail, the room needs to have a high degree of integration, good compatibility, the use of advanced technology, energy saving of precision air conditioning units, modular UPS mainframe, and meeting the demand of computer room in the next five years.Through the investigation of many brands and products on the market, and based on the planning of construction tendering requirements, shenzhen Ren Da data center ups uninterruptible power supply integration solution ultimately stand out, be ideal for the customers.

This project USES the data center solutions covers shenzhen Ren Da many star products, including: ups uninterruptible power supply, battery, power distribution cabinets, dc panel, etc., involved in ups power supply, power distribution, air conditioning and cabinets and other four types of products.

These products are first-class indexes and parameters, improve and guarantee the efficiency of the entire solution, at the same time, modular design, integration, integration scheme of the system structure, also for the customer's machine room operations has brought great convenience.In addition, the power system, power distribution system, air conditioning system, PDU all use the same brand, show a high level of integration.

Not only that, uninterruptible power supply data center solutions in many technical details, also reflects the very prominent characteristics, such as: modular UPS system, has the MTTR close to zero, the N + X redundancy, on-demand expansion, the characteristics of high efficiency and energy saving;Precision power distribution cabinet appearance is exactly the same as that of cabinets, shunt switch online hot plug, online phase modulation, shunt detection;Pdus vertically installed in the cabinet at the back, do not take a cabinet space, with intelligent detection function;Within the precision air conditioning machine adopts EC fan, has the advantages of stepless speed regulation, high efficiency and energy saving, the machine adopts dc axial flow fan, the same high efficiency and energy saving.In addition, because the product is the same brand, on the installation, construction and commissioning and maintenance, more convenient and high reliability.

Shenzhen Ren Da uninterruptible power supply data center solutions have successively in education, government, business, medical and other industries has been widely used, for safe operation of the numerous data room full worry-free protection.In the computer room project, shenzhen Ren Da provide uninterruptible power supply integration solution, not only can quickly build, and on the basis of future growth to make flexible planning, to help customers to build a new generation of high efficiency, energy saving green room, at the same time also once again proved that the shenzhen Ren Da scheme's leadership in the enterprise.