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UPS uninterruptible power supply operating temperature much relationship

Release date: 2015-10-20
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Uninterruptible power supply is protected computer, at the same time it protects the device, which itself is to be maintained, UPS sophisticated electrical equipment, the internal temperature is very important, so good ventilation is necessary to choose the right place when you install the UPS, and Routine maintenance cleaning is necessary. Temperature have much relationship? Uninterruptible power supply is because the work in a suitable environment, not only make the machine stable job, but also to better extend the life of the machine.

So do routine maintenance on the UPS uninterruptible power supply, it is very important to an online uninterruptible power supply computer work environment and working conditions should be the same, the temperature should be controlled at least 5 , the following 22 ; relative humidity at 50% or less, up and down by not more than 10%. Of course, these factors also important to keep the workplace clean UPS power supply, no dust, no pollution, no harmful gases, since these factors also affect the life of the UPS and cause malfunctions.
Power press work can be divided into two kinds of back-line. Backup UPS power supply when the normal electricity supply, the inverter does not work on a host, only when the mains power before the battery power supply, this approach does not change the quality of the mains. In UPS uninterruptible power supply is different, in the city is normal, it will first alternating current into direct current, the inverter immediately changed the battery power to the load, thus, UPS uninterruptible power supply output is the electricity grid completely Isolated pure sine wave power, it can greatly improve the quality of power supply, to protect the load work safely and efficiently. A new generation of UPS with bypass output function, and the composition of the hot backup system, to improve the reliability and stability of the power supply system.
UPS uninterruptible power supply during operation, said the imbalance due to the characteristics of each cell changes over time, it is impossible to produce longer rely on UPS charging circuit inside the power supply to be eliminated, so this feature has obvious disproportion battery pack, if not promptly taken offline BC deal with the case, its uneven degree will become increasingly serious.
UPS during routine maintenance work, the engineers need a daily routine inspection, its main purpose is to accumulate operating experience UPS uninterruptible power supply and the timely detection of faults signs, so be careful daily routine inspection. If you must use an uninterruptible power supply ups outdoors, the user must purchase a dedicated outdoor UPS products, as a dedicated UPS power supply to the outdoor temperature, as well as dust-proof, resistant to moisture and other advantages. For more information, please visit