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Series Emergence Power Supply RDEM-EPS-6k

Model: RDEM-EPS-6K
Related Capacity: 6KW
Related Voltage: 220V±20%
Related Frequency: 50HZ±0.5%
Overload Capacity: <120 long time; >150% 100ms

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  • Product description
    RDEM series EPS aim at fire fighting system or ‘first class load’. EPS design for full automation, unattended operation, reliable building power security and fire fighting system. EPS adopt best circuit scheme, mature control system and full digital processing technology. EPS has high reliability, powerful function and compact size to make it easy to installation, move and maintenance. EPS is widely used in emergency lighting, emergency power-up and fire fighting etc…

    Product Features

       1.  Adopt advanced DSP technology, have strong detection and supervisory control function.
       2  Large touch screen display the working state of EPS, easy to operate and check power time, battery voltage.
       3  Perfect battery management system. Support automatic switch equalized charging to floating charge, fixed period battery check, signal battery voltage detecting and battery fault alarm, make the battery service life is longer.
       4. Use high current IGBT power component, strong withstand strike current ability. Isolated output by power frequency transformer, best load adaptation, strong impact resistance, high reliability and fit to any type load.
      5  Protection of opposite connection
      6  Integrated RS232, CAN, SNMP and Modem commutation ports, support TCP/IP, support long-range control with fire fighting center.
      7  Automatically transition, unattended operation, transition time less than 0.05s satisfy all emergency power requirements.
      8  Use bypass in normal situation, inverting in emergency situation, efficiency more than 0.99 in city power mode.
      9  Strong load ability, EPS fit to inductive load, capacitive load and general load.
    10  Flexible install method, floor stand, adapt to severe environments, works in basement, switching room or local integration behind load.
     11 Adjustable emergency power-up time, standard power-up time is 90 minutes.
     12  Display input voltage, output voltage, input current, output current, input/output frequency, battery voltage, battery capacity and EPS working state.
     13 Use combination installs method, independent mainframe and battery case.

  • Signal input signal output EPS 3K-10K (technology parameters)
    Rated capacity 3KW 6KW 10KW
    Rated voltage 220V+-20%
    Rated frequency 50Hz+-10%
    Phase Signal(L+N+G)
    Voltage 220V+-2%
    Wave Sin wave THD<3%
    Frequency 50Hz+-0.5%
    Overload ability <120% long time, 120%-150% 1minute, >150% 100ms
    DC system
    Battery Maintenance free battery DIN
    Standard voltage 216V
    Battery amount 18PCS/12V
    Working time Standard 90 minutes(optional)
    Efficiency >88%(inverter), >99%(bypass)
    Conversion time <50ms
    Protect function Output short circuit protect, overheating protect, overload protect, overcharge protect, over discharge protect
    Load type inductive load, capacitive load and resistance load
    Noise 0dB(bypass),<=55dB(inverter)