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Renda Corporate Culture
     Renda Group in the rapid development and expansion, the attention of "soft power," the building of enterprise culture, adhere to the management on the one hand, one hand and corporate culture, including the formation of a business purpose, entrepreneurial spirit, philosophy, value system, etc. The more systematic corporate culture system, enhance the enterprise's core competitiveness, and promote the sustainable development of enterprises.
First, the full meaning of corporate identity:

Management aim: best service, best product, return society, industry serve the country.
Management idea: people first, forge ahead, service the society
Quality policy: quality first, user first, inside control, improved.
Enterprise spirit: first class service, great wisdom, knowledge creating.
Humanistic culture: scientization, democratization, humanization.
1, Renda name, "any" from the founder of Cai should either word, and take the liberty of Italy; up to take Mastery meaning; together as virtue will, hard work ahead, you can be successful.
2, blue sky, green for green; the shape of the first letter of any combination of up to RD; and pinned up in any world, creating infinite. Meaning Renda Group will continue to innovate, to flourish, wind chop chop waves, ride the world, to reach the other side of success.
3. The shape of lightning in the middle, and with the RD synthetic "electric" word, put the show up to the Group is principally engaged in any of the power industry.
Second, the purpose of the operation:
First-class service, first-class products dedicated users, social returns, industry serve the country.
Third, the entrepreneurial spirit:
First-class service, extraordinary wisdom, innovation win.
Fourth, the business philosophy:
People-oriented, forge ahead, to serve the community.
Fifth, the value system:
Business idea: a leading nuclear, market guidance, research and development as the key link to be effective, management-based, people-oriented
Selection criteria: to Germany for the heavy, ability and integrity
Literacy orientation: honesty, reflection, studious, motivated
Employees to pursue: a strong body, honed will stimulate potential, create brilliant career and a healthy life
Ways of doing things: full control of the stage of the assessment results and process both
Management philosophy: with the appropriate people to the appropriate location, at the right time, with the appropriate method, do the right thing
Human resources: Talent is a thriving business capital, business is round talent ship voyage, the boat can only reach the other side, the cause of keeping sentiments atmosphere to people.
Professional ethics: dedication, loyalty, initiative, responsibility, thrift, hard work
Business Innovation Thinking: beyond the conventional, the ultimate challenge, never satisfied, always innovative
Internal assistance relationship: mutual customers, each service, mutual win-win situation
Dealing with customers: treat customers is to treat yourself, create value for customers to realize their value.